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Review by Keith “MuzikMan” 2011

New Average is a musical pop duo formed in 2009 by John New and Emma Average. The couple dreamed of making great music like they did in the 60’s and 70’s.
With their 4 song EP Waiting Time it looks as though they may have accomplished their goal. This is simple music about people, not a fad, a particular lifestyle, nor is not aimed at any particular market so it can sell a billion copies. This music was recorded out of the pure love of making it with the hopes of other people enjoying it enough to make their day a little brighter.
I was a little boy in the sixties and I still remember all of those great sing along songs that I had on 45s or I heard on the radio. Then as teenager growing up in the 70’s I discovered all kinds of great music that I still enjoy to this day. So where does a duo like New Average stand amongst all of this nostalgia and good feelings for this listener? They are making some memorable music most certainly and it does remind me of those times. It is good as anything I heard on the radio in those decades.
“Waiting Time” has an incredible resemblance to Blondie. It is without a doubt the most energetic and catchy track on the album and appropriately so being the title track. The other three tracks are pop gems in their own right and all of them are filled with hooks and the pure sweetness of a time that is gone forever. “Best Friend” with its innocence and all around appeal has staying power while “Boy” and “Is It Love” brings those decades long ago back for you in these made for radio pop tracks. Even if it is only for a little while the feelings last, it sure feels good.
New Average restores my faith in music and the people that make it independently of fat cats at the big labels with their commercial strategies and their knack for making millions of dollars with people that have absolutely no talent. As they saying goes, money talks and - well, you fill in the blanks. Here is the difference; these people have natural talent and are making music for the fun of it without any expectations. That attitude shows and the music becomes a byproduct of those strong and true feelings. The only expectation that should be placed on this is that you will hear some great music that is hard to resist.
4/5 Stars


Waiting Time EP
Gyra Chan
If you secretly feel like you would’ve thrived in the musical era of Blondie and you’ve been looking for the sort of '60s and '70s pop rock sound that seems to have died out these days, rest assured, the New Average EP can provide some respite from the musical drought you may be experiencing.
Waiting Time, the group's 4-song EP is reminiscent of Blondie’s Parrallel Lines with just a touch of pop rock for a dash of modernity. This EP will take you back a few decades while leaving one of your feet firmly planted in 2011 so you can find your way back after listening.
The music is a bit too busy and the singer's voice too unique for this EP to really pass as background music, but if you’re looking for something to really listen to, this EP is a great place to start.
You might also want to get your “groovy” on as soon as the first song starts playing, so if you’re too shy to shake your tush in public, I suggest listening in private.


Review by Julian - (german)

New Average - waiting time EP

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New Average ist ein Popduo bestehend aus Emma Average und John New. Er ist Musiker, sie Balletttänzerin, er scheiterte an einem frustrierenden Majordeal, sie musste ihre Tanzkarriere aufgrund einer Knieoperation beenden. Aus dem Vorhaben, Musik zu machen, wird erst einmal nichts, man hat zu viele andere Projekte zu beenden. Nach 15 Jahren blicken die Beiden auf ihr bisheriges Leben zurück und merken, dass vor ihrer Liebesbeziehung und den daraus resultierenden zwei Kindern eigentlich einmal der Wunsch stand, Popmusik zu machen. Dass es für Träume nie zu spät ist, beweist die EP Waiting Time. Klar, die Musik ist keineswegs revolutionär, aber das will sie auch nicht sein. Keine Minute werden die Einflüsse verleugnet – seien es Blondie, Roxy Music sowie 70s/80s Pop im Allgemeinen. Die Stücke machen einfach Spaß und sollten jedem Popfan Freude machen. Denn jeder Song bleibt hängen und es gibt kein Füllmaterial. Gut, bei einer 4-Track-EP sollte das eigentlich auch nicht so schwer sein. Man darf auf das Album gespannt sein, dass im Winter folgen soll. Man muss das Duo einfach mögen.